Meet the Managers!

Meet the Managers! We have had so many wonderful new members join the iGym family recently, so what better way to round out the year than an introduction to our club managers? Our managers are always happy to lend a hand and they are a wealth of knowledge, so make sure you say hello next [...]

iGym’s Holiday Gift Guide!

Happy Holidays from iGym! Your Christmas shopping just got easier! Are you buying for a gym junkie, or your favourite workout buddy? Do you know someone who has been considering starting their fitness journey? IGym now have gift cards! Our gift cards can be used for personal training sessions or membership costs to help ease [...]

National Diabetes Week 2023

This year, from 9-15 July, Diabetes Australia promotes National Diabetes Week to raise awareness and start conversations around diabetes prevention and management.   There are two types of diabetes, both of which become extremely dangerous when untreated and can lead to major organ failure and death. Both types of diabetes have genetic components and share many [...]

Live better for longer: Weight training and Longevity

We all know that exercise is essential for good heart health (blog here) and mental well-being, but you may not know it is also essential for maintaining independence and quality of life as you age. Studies show that once the average person hits 40 years of age, unless they are regularly completing weight training and [...]

Heart Week

Happy Heart Week! Heart week is held every year in the first week of May to raise awareness and start conversations around heart health in Australia. Did you know that every 30 minutes, an Australian loses their life to heart disease? This heart week, we have put together 3 ways you can look after your [...]

How a Gym Membership Can Save You Money

In these troubling times, it is more important than ever to know what you are getting for your money. With that in mind, iGym are introducing a new blog series dedicated to helping you get the most out of every dollar, but not at the cost of your health.   Looking after yourself should not [...]

2022 in Review

This year was one of transition for Australia and the world – we saw the easing of Covid-19 restrictions and the reopening of international borders, as well as an inflation surge, international conflicts, and the return of the Olympics. iGym would like to congratulate its members for focusing on their fitness and looking after themselves [...]

iGym’s Holiday Gift Guide!

The festive season is now upon us! Give the gift of health and fitness to those closest to you and help them start their new year off right. iGym has you sorted this year with their top three ideas for fitness-friendly gift-giving this season. 1. Personal Training Do you have someone in your life who [...]

Making Health a Habit

Get ahead of your new year’s resolution by setting healthy habits now. But how do you turn working out into a habit? Here are 3 simple steps for seamlessly adding exercise into your normal routine to make living a healthy lifestyle easier than ever.  1. Schedule your workouts Pick a set date and time to [...]


Spring has sprung! It is now officially the time to start getting yourself ready for summer. With hotter weather right around the corner, the last thing you want is to be uncomfortably hiding under those layers that have been so good to you all winter. Here are our top 5 tips to put a “spring” [...]