Corporate Wellness

Everybody knows the most important asset in any business is the staff, but have you ever considered implementing a corporate wellness program to look after them? Promoting a healthy company culture through wellness programs can reduce sick leave, improve employee morale and increase staff retention. Start the financial year off on the right track by investing in the health and wellbeing of the people who make your business great.

How does it work?

iGym offers several corporate wellness packages designed to suite your needs. These packages all include:

· A competitive per-visit rate;

· Convenient monthly invoices to cut down on accounting;

· Monthly visitation reports to show you who is making the most of the program;

· All-inclusive membership benefits, including 24/7 access and group fitness classes at no added cost.

Why does it work?

Gone are the days when companies retained their staff with good salaries alone. Up and coming workers are looking for more benefits and employee perks when choosing whether to apply for a job, accept an offer, or stay with a company.

PeopleKeep have “fitness perks” included in their top ten benefits employees look for, alongside things like flexible working arrangements, free food in the office and a pet-friendly environment1.

As we learned in the Men’s Health Week post, healthy people are generally happier and less likely to experience long-term illnesses. That means better employee morale and less time off for sick leave.

There have been an overwhelming number of papers published on the ways wellness programs achieve this and the long-term benefits to the company as a whole. One particular study assessed 200,000 people participating in wellness programs and found that 5 out of 7 health risks improved after only 12 months2.

Making exercise a part of the office culture is a great way to foster positive working relationships and promote a healthy and positive mindset for the business. Exercise has been proven to improve mood; clarity of thought and attention; memory; sleep quality; productivity; symptoms of anxiety and depression; and provide opportunities to bond and socialise3.

As seen above, the number one reported reason for not getting enough exercise for Australian’s aged 18-64 is not having enough time. Implementing a wellness program could be the push your staff needs to prioritise fitness and make time to move. Why not arrange a group fitness class for your team to unwind after a stressful week, or include a low-impact class in your training programs? You could post a team step goal for the week, start a rowing machine competition between departments, or hold an annual “Olympics”. All of these options give provide motivation and a healthy outlet for stress, while encouraging team building.

Be the business that cares about the wellbeing of their staff. Contact for more information or to find a program fit for your business.


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