Project Description

The PT Development program is an online program which is designed to help aid the growth of new Personal Trainers starting at iGym.

This will be a 6 weeks course full of written and Visual content that will grow PT’s knowledge of the fitness industry, business knowledge as well as iGym operations to help their business thrive!

This 6 weeks course will be monitored by Tracey as they work their way through.  It will outline any areas of information which has been displayed to be lacking throughout this program. These areas will be addressed by the iGym leadership team to always continues growth in iGym Trainers.


Project Progress


Project Timing

  • Start
    Dec 17 2020
  • End
    Feb 02 2021

12/17/2020 02/02/2021


Overall Project Completion

  • 20%
  • 60%


  • 40%
  • 80%

1. Content Complete 70%

Video content to be filmed with Luke at our Carrum Downs facility. Videos to reflect and expand on the written PT program which is to be completed by Nick and Luke.

2 of 3 completed Tasks

  • Complete Written Content
  • Complete Filming Video Content
  • Complete Programs Questions

2. Website Development (Backend) Complete 45%

Website backend is to be completed by Nick. This will include all tasks to design and implement a fully functioning PT portal to the back end of the website

1 of 7 completed Tasks

  • Program UI Structure
  • Backend Admin Functionality
  • Overall Scalable System
  • Video Hosting Setup
  • Add Secure Firewall to hide content from public
  • Program page flow diagram
  • Beta Test

3. Website Development (UI) Complete 20%

Frontend (UI) development will be the last step of this project. Will cover all the fundamental operations and systems that the end user will be experiencing. Level of complexity is added to this program with the introduction of  multi-user login along with multi-role login system to enable seperate roles and tasks for PT's compared to a staff member to mark PT's results.

3 of 14 completed Tasks

  • Login System ( Role - PT )
  • Login System ( Role - Admin )
  • Program Progression Logic
  • Program Progression System scoring
  • Video Editing Program
  • (CONTENT) Adding Written Content to Program
  • (CONTENT) Adding Video Content to Program
  • (CONTENT) Adding printable PDF Content to Program
  • (Functionality) Adding Written Content to Program
  • (Functionality) Adding Video Content to Program
  • (Functionality)Adding printable PDF Content to Program
  • Task incomplete/ Min mark not reached logic
  • Debugging Code
  • Beta Test

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