Amino Switch


Switch on your recovery and results with Switch Nutrition’s BCAA & EAA formula, Amino Switch!

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  • Dairy and lactose-free EAA supplement 
  • Artificial sweetener free
  • Promotes muscle growth – Amino Switch is jam-packed with highly-absorbed dairy and lactose-free EAAs and BCAAs. The BCAA, Leucine, plays an important role in muscle growth by activating a certain pathway in the body that stimulates muscle protein synthesis, and in turn, muscle building. Likewise, the formula utilises Master Amino Acid Profile (MAP) ratio technology, which is designed to provide the optimal ratio of amino acids to encourage less wastage and increased muscle growth.
  • Supports recovery – Following a specific EAA ratio to maximise Net Nitrogen Utilisation (NNU), Amino Switch contains all nine EAAs at the Perfect Human Ratio, which is designed to help accelerate workout recovery.
  • Fast absorption – Amino Switch dissolves at an almost instant rate thanks to the vegan-sourced instantised amino acids iEAA and iBCAA’s that are used in the formula. The faster the nutrients are dissolved, the faster they can be absorbed and utilised by the body, resulting in less wastage and faster results. In fact, did you know that EAA’s are absorbed faster than whey protein?
  • Improves hydration & wellbeing – Amino Nutrition has also added essential cofactors to Amino Switch to encourage optimal hydration and wellbeing. The formula contains balanced electrolytes to ensure the muscles, tissues and nerves remain hydrated and functionally optimally, vitamins to promote optimal nutrient intake, and Schisandra Chinensis for its anti-inflammatory properties to maintain immune health. This combination of ingredients has been carefully chosen to help support the body’s systems and functionality to ensure you’re performing your best, while simultaneously assisting nutrient recovery.

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30 Serves, 60 Serves


Green Apple, Lemonade, Raspberry, Watermelon, Mango Kiwi


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