About iGym 247

iGym 247 was founded in May 2012 , by a group of people who wanted to provide the best possible gym equipment & environment to close family members & friends who weren’t able to make the Gym during the normal business hours of a Gym.

However the idea snow balled, when it came to our attention, that this wasn’t just a problem some of our family & friends experienced. But so did some of their friends & friends of friends. Hence we realised that our idea needed a bigger Gym & we needed to invite everyone to use this our wonderful facilities. iGym 247 was born.

Our first iGym 247 was opened in Kurri Kurri NSW, June 2012, & was closely followed by the opening of our 2nd gym Wallsend iGym 247. September 2013 saw the opening of Singleton iGym 247 & we than opened our 4th iGym 247 in Salamnadar Bay in early 2014, which was quickly followed by our 5th iGym247 site at Taree in 2015. We are now expecting the upgrade to our Singleton iGym247 Site to be ready on the 22nd October 2016.

iGym 247 is a 24 hour gym, with a unique Card Entry, allowing you to come & go from the gym as you please at any time of the day or night, fitting into your life style with ease. We have helpful & knowledgeable staff on during the busiest part of the gym’s day.



We are extremely excited to announce that our 1st Kurri Kurri Club has now moved into our bigger & better purpose built club at 108 Mitchell Avenue, Kurri Kurri.

In just 2 short years Kurri Kurri have out grown the original space, so come along & check out the new club, new equipment & classes that the new iGym Kurri Kurri have on offer. We think you will love it.

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iGym 247 Advantage

Attending iGym 247 will help with reducing stress:
• The heart beats faster and blood vessels dilate which is why blood pressure decreases.
• When finish, it causes a rebound effect, causing a state of relaxation.
Exercising not only improves our physical appearance but also has a huge impact on our mental health
• When you exercise, endorphins are secreted, substances that fight the pain and favor the warm feeling.
• At the same time, the practice of physical exercise in group helps to eliminate stress, by reducing anxiety.
Attending iGym 247 improves cardiovascular health:
• Exercise releases sugar and fat, and oxygenates the blood.
• Also, classic endurance exercises like running or biking, which are practiced continuously, are recognized by the World Health Organization as protectors of the heart.
• And of course, going to the gym improves our figure and helps feeling us better about our physical appearance.
Start your fitness journey today and become a fitter , happier and healthier you with iGym24/7 "Real Fitness "